Friday, February 12, 2010


"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you" Kris!!

Welcome to the PARTY!  This is a celebration for Kris Breach.  She is my best friend and Sister (for real).  Today is her Birthday, whooohoo!  How old are you again sis?  Oh ya that's right it's 29,  again:)  
Kris introduced me to stamping and card making about 4 years ago.  She got me into the blogging scene just last year and am so grateful that she did.   Thanks Kris, your the best!!

Now on to the Party:)  This is the first stop in the birthday blog hop. 

Here's my card for you!  (you'll get a different one in the mail today)   I know you like tulips and daisies.

For the party, I am joined by the DT of Stampin Sisters In Christ.  We have put together a little something for you, Kris.  Here are some birdhouses just for you!  I know you like them:) 

And for decoration,  I'm bringing along some Balloons for you too!!

Enjoy the Party everyone!!  Your next stop on the birthday hop is Candace.  Go visit her blog and see what she has to bring to the party:) 

Also, remember to hop on over to Kristine's blog to wish her a happy Birthday!!  I know she'll appreciate it very much.

Thanks for coming!!  Hope you had fun:)


Ceal said...

Beautiful card Kathy, I know Kristine will love it. Thanks for setting up this Bday blog hop they are always fun!

Kristine said...

What a LOVELY card Kathy!! I am moved to tears to see some of my favorite things. You're right, I ♥ tulips and birdhouses and hearts--THANK YOU for this special treat on my birthday! And thank you for the phone call and half-sung b-day song, LOL!! You're certain my best friend as well and I'm so glad we've become so much closer these last few years. Love you bunches!!

Natalie said...

What a sweet card and wonderful Birthday favs for Kristine!! Have a great weekend, God bless! This is fun!

Traci M said...

What a sweet tribute to your sister and fun to get to know the beginnings of Stampin' Sisters in Christ, one of my very favorite blogs!!

Gloria Westerman said...

love your card.....and your love for your sister is awesome....